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We keep a closed system, utilizing our own greenhouses to keep full control of any of the high class seed generations we grow and sell. We do not cut our potatoes and only use first generation mini-tubers. A good crop requires excellent seed.

  • Our on-site laboratory has a current production capability of 500 thousand plantlets.

  • The facility allows for an increase of production of another 500 thousand plantlets.

  • Our laboratory enables Rockyview Nuclear Tuber to plant only self-produced plantlets in our greenhouses, guaranteeing a high level of quality.

  • Over 5,000 acres are available for potato production on current farm sites.

  • Farm sites are 30 kilometers apart.

  • All potato lots are under central pivot irrigation.

  • Fields are relatively new to potato production.

  • Expansion potential exists on virgin soil for an additional 14,000 acres.

  • A state-of-the-art storage facility was built in 2004.

  • We currently have storage capacity of 9,000 tons (bulk storage).

  • Our storage facility is located between the two farm sites.

  • The facility consists of a concrete building (floor and walls) with an automatic cooling and ventilation system.

  • We have a separate storage facility for Nuclear and Pre-Elite potatoes (900 tons box storage).

  • Additional storage facility is in the planning stage.

  • We use European designed and built grading and handling equipment.

  • Our facility has six separate 40 ton storage spaces for graded potatoes.

  • We have packing and exporting capability.

  • Our equipment ensures little to no bruising.

  • Our equipment enables Rockyview Elite Tubers to separate graded potatoes into four different size categories.
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