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Rockyview Elite Tubers Ltd is an elite seed potato operation located 30 kilometers north east of Calgary. Our prime and isolated seed production location, use of the most up to date technology, and over 30 years of experience in growing and marketing in the industry helps us provide high quality seed potatoes. “High Quality” to us means “northern vigour”, uniform tubers, and most importantly, disease free.

Rockyview Elite Tubers grows E1 and E2 stages of seed potatoes on irrigated fields, using nuclear seed produced by Rockyview Nuclear Tuber.

The company is owned by Ludwig Reicheneder. Ludwig has over twenty years potato production experience in Germany before establishing the company in Keoma, Alberta in 2001.

Since its establishment, the company has continued to expand its elite seed production capabilities. Nuclear seed is multiplied on irrigated fields to produce elite tubers. The fields are relatively new to potato production. Currently, we have over 5,000 acres of irrigated land available for potato production, with the potential for expansion on virgin soil.

Our state of the art facilities enable us to grade, store and prepare our seed in a manner far exceeding industry standards. Our grading, polishing and packing equipment prevents bruising and allows us to provide our customers with a product that is sized, polished, and bagged to their desired specifications.

Browse through our website to learn more about our Seed Production, Varieties and recent news. Please contact us if you are interested in elite seed or contract seed production.
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